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United Dreams Pictures

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Our Specialization

United Dreams Pictures is an Africa Music and Film Production Company. We have worked with many Record lables and Film Producers. Below are our area of specialization

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Music Video Production

We produce high quality Musical videos and we are proud to have worked with many Artist and recoed lables. Big Thanks to our clients.

United Dreams Pictures


We cover documentaries. Our team of professional always make sure each documentary comes out with results.

United Dreams Pictures

Film Production

With God on our side, we always make our projects a success. Today, we have produced high quality Movies for Nigerians,USA and Ghana Film producers

United Dreams Pictures

Event Management

We plan, design and manage all types of event.

United Dreams Pictures photo shoot

Photo Shoot

A quality pictures brings results. That's why, we constructed high quality studio to give you quality photos.

United Dreams Pictures

Production Equipment

Quality equipment's like; Cameras,Drone, Lights,Three-Point Lighting Kit,Light Reflector,Headphones,Tripod,Portable Digital Audio Recorder,Light Reflector,quality Lenses,Shotgun Microphone & More.

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